The 2019 Beach ‘N Boards Fest Hydrofoil Kite Regatta is scheduled for March 16th or 17th, depending on wind, and it will be held at Alan Shepard Park at the end of the 520 Causeway.

Participate in or watch the Hydrofoil Kiteboarding Race taking place at Shepard Park in Cocoa Beach on March 16-17th. Once again we have hired a Sherriff Boat to use for Race Committee and Cocoa Beach’s finest Firefighters/EMTs to be on Jetskis for support. We will try to run races on the 16th and leave the 17th open as an alternative day. If the wind doesn’t cooperate we will do some tow-ins and such with the Jetskis and Foils. All are welcome to attend and participate. Please register on Regatta Network. Entry to participate is $75.

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We have tons of prizes donated including; Dakine backpacks, Compression bags, Liquid Force Happy Foil Wings, NP Waterwear, 40% off ANY one-time order with Slingshot and Ride Engine, Hats and more!

Regatta Schedule:

Friday – 3/15/19

7pm Pre-Party and Registration


Saturday – 3/16/19

9am Check-in

10am Riders’ Meeting

11am Races Start


Sunday – 3/17/19

10am 2nd Day option if no wind on Saturday


There will be an optional Pre-Party/Registration on Friday March 15th at 7pm at Good Breeze Kiteboarding. Come by and get stoked for an awesome weekend. Shop address is 180 Canaveral Plaza Blvd – Cocoa Beach FL 32391.

You can direct questions to (321.868.1983).